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Helping customers find the right products and services

Customers sometimes need a little guidance finding the right product.

The Intelligent Interfaces platform asks customers conversational questions, and guides them to their perfect recommendation.

We personalise every step of the journey, by using individualised product explanations, giving context and social proof from similar customers - enabling customers to feel confident about their purchase decision.

A.I. powered question and answer interfaces

It's important to ask a customer only the right questions, at the right time and in the right way, so our platform dynamically adapts the questions within the context of their entire journey.

Our individually personalised question journeys allow us to make sure the user understands what they are being asked, leading to more accurate answers and a better understanding of the customers true preferences.

Individual personalisation

Our platform offers personalisation at the individual level.

When a customer is recommended a product, the platform explains exactly why that product is the best choice for them, detailing relevant features and building the customers confidence that they are making a good purchase decision.

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Our platform offers personalised, intelligent customer guidance across any of your channels and customer touchpoints. We use market leading proprietary A.I. to optimise every interaction a customer has with our interfaces, and integrate seamlessly with your existing stack.

We offer a unique approach to a true omni-channel experience, linking channels in a natural way that allows customers to feel confident in their purchase decision, and in your brand.


Conversational, customer-led guidance.

We translate the customer experience a seasoned sales assistant provides, and bring this online, using our A.I. platform to constantly optimise every stage of the journey.

The Intelligent Interfaces platform personalises the conversation to an individual level, giving each customer the confidence to make a purchase, knowing they've made the right decision.


Self serve or sales assistant enhancement.

The platform powers self-serve solutions, on phones, tablets or touchscreens - allowing your customers to find the products that suit their needs and tastes best - without the need for additional expensive sales staff.

Where your sales force needs assistance in recommending products in a consistent and brand-led way, the platform offers a scalable and robust solution, using our proprietary A.I. to learn and optimise from every customer interaction in every one of your stores.


Producing consistent, personalised and efficient conversations in contact centres can be challenging, before factoring in a potentially rapidly shifting workforce.

The Intelligent Interfaces platform offers the ability to produce quality, natural conversations that drive key business performance, while offering real-time analytics that give deep insight into your customers.


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